RHP is getting more and more grip on wood fibre

18 october 2022

Research into the properties of wood fibre has resulted in more knowledge, which means that the effect of wood fibre can be predicted more and more accurately.

Insight into behaviour and fertilisation

For example, based on a sieve analysis of the wood fibre, a lot of insight has been obtained in the behaviour it has in the substrate that is produced with it. The speed of the water uptake (WOK) was also taken into account. The newly developed nitrogen immobilisation test indicates exactly how producers and growers should correct with their fertilisation.

New types of wood

with various fiberisation techniques. This resulted in special products that were jointly assessed by the wood fibre producers and substrate producers.

RHP houtvezel wood fibre
RHP houtvezel wood fibre

More possible than expected

It became clear that the possibilities with wood fibre are even greater than expected. The RHP participants find it important that the wood fibre is properly sanitised during the process, so that plant diseases from the wood chips aren’t passed on to the wood fibre. This can be checked well with the Bacillus test.

Research to be continued

The research will continue, at the request of the Product Group Organic Products. Storage effects will be one of the new research topics. The toolbox to characterise wood fibre is becoming more and more extensive and is available to RHP certified companies.

RHP houtvezel wood fibre
RHP houtvezel wood fibre

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