RHP develops innovative method for steady soil blocks

31 october 2016

10 billion soil blocks are produced yearly for cultivating chrysanthemum cuttings and various vegetable plants. The biggest challenge is the guarantee of the sturdiness of the soil blocks, considering the development of new raw materials and other compositions. The measuring method developed by RHP consists of three parts: a simulation of the blocking, recommended values for the quality requirements of the blocking compost and user’s manual for the growers of young plants.

Prevent and explain practical problems

The soil block method provides RHP certified companies the possibility to survey the quality of the blocking compost and to develop it further. By testing, they are able to draw up a users advice for their blocking soil.


After an exclusivity period for the companies that joined the research, the knowledge and experiences are also available for the other RHP certified companies now. If you are interested, please contact Hans Verhagen, tel. +31 174 - 62 03 60.

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