RHP certification for Olde Bolhaar Eco Service

12 july 2022

The company Olde Bolhaar Eco Service is RHP Horticulture certified with composted bark, a raw material for growing media.

Based on research and inspections executed by ECAS, the company complies with the requirements as determined in the Product Certification Scheme of the RHP quality mark. With the certification of Olde Bolhaar Eco Service in total 70 certified companies have now joined RHP, of which Olde Bolhaar Eco Service is still the only one that produces composted bark with the RHP quality mark.

About Olde Bolhaar Eco Service 

Olde Bolhaar Eco Service was founded in 2012 and has various locations in The Netherlands and Germany now. At the location in Goor (The Netherlands), Olde Bolhaar Eco Service produces the composted bark. Olde Bolhaar Eco Service supplies this RHP-certified raw material for substrates to the growing media industry in Europe.

Joint venture with Klasmann-Deilmann 

Klasmann-Deilmann markets the product. Klasmann-Deilmann and Olde Bolhaar Eco Service have been linking their activities in the field of green waste compost production through a joint venture since last year. The company wants to develop into the major supplier of high-quality green waste compost and other renewable raw materials and additives for substrate production. The organisation is led by Christiaan Olde Bolhaar, managing partner of the Olde Bolhaar Group, and by Ted Vollebregt, managing director of Klasmann-Deilmann Benelux BV.

Knowledge and quality RHP

With extensive research into the characteristics of new raw materials and their interactions in a mixture, RHP wants to contribute to the raw materials transition in the sector. RHP shares knowledge with affiliated RHP-certified companies. Composted bark that meets the developed quality mark standards can be safely applied in growing media within the RHP quality mark. The RHP quality mark offers the most security as possible, to ensure that the raw materials and growing media can be used without risks for the culture.

RHP composted bark boomschors gecomposteerd

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