RHP certification for 2 companies: Ekompany and Culterra  

24 february 2017

Recently 2 companies were RHP Horticulture certified. Ekompany International for the product inorganic fertilizers. And Culterra Holland for the product organic fertilizers.

Based on research and audits carried out by ECAS, both companies comply with the requirements as stated in the Product certification scheme of the RHP quality mark. With the membership of Ekompany and Culterra the RHP quality mark for substrates has 69 certified companies in the whole world, of which 8 companies have fertilizers for the professional horticulture in their assortment.

The companies

Ekompany International produces and supplies controlled release inorganic fertilizers or CRF for the professional horticulture. The factory is situated in Born. Culterra Holland in Workum produces organic fertilizers for, among others, professional application. These are natural raw materials of animal and vegetable origin for use in potting soils. Organic fertilizers play a role in the increasing attention for sustainability and bio.

Higher standards fertilizers

RHP requires higher standards to fertilizers than the legally drawn up standards. For certified products, RHP draws up specifications for contents of elements in fertilizers. Controlled release (release of nutrient elements) is very important for fertilizers. For substrates, both professional and hobby applications, it is necessary that nutrient elements become available in a controlled and predictable way. In the event of CRF fertilizers, classification occurs before the release. The RHP quality mark assures the quality of growing media in the chain, from raw material production until processing and delivery at the company of the user.

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