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1 february 2022

Fertilisers can be added to growing media to promote the growth of crops. RHP distinguishes three categories of fertilisers: A, B and C. It says everything about the degree of control for the RHP quality mark and the product requirements. Fertiliser types that fall under the A or B category are included in lists at My RHP.

Fertilisers category A

RHP sets the highest requirements for fertilisers in category A and this goes even further than the legal requirements. The product itself must meet all quality requirements and the entire production chain is checked. If everything meets the RHP requirements, a fertiliser can be given the RHP quality mark. Category A includes both inorganic and organic fertilisers. If a fertiliser from the A-category, so with the RHP quality mark, is mixed with other RHP-certified raw materials to produce a substrate, the end product retains the RHP quality mark. Product lists of producers with RHP-certified fertilisers (A-category) can be found at My RHP in the folder Fertilisers with RHP quality mark.

Fertilisers category B

Fertilisers in category B don’t meet the general requirements for the RHP quality mark. B-products are only checked per batch for their plant safety and product specifications. If these fertilisers demonstrably meet the product requirements with analysis results, they will receive an exemption at batch level and these can be processed as a B-product in a limited dosage in RHP-certified substrates. In this respect, the content of inorganic fertilisers as B-product (main and trace elements) may not exceed 30% of the total amount of fertilisers used in an RHP substrate. If this is met, the RHP quality mark of the end product is retained. Both substrate producers and fertiliser suppliers (including those that are not RHP-certified companies) can apply for an exemption for the product. Approved B-products can be found at My RHP in the folder Information about B and BE products. Here is a list of B and BE products/fertilisers and biostimulants. If a substrate producer applies for the exemption itself, the exemption applies only to the producer concerned and the product is not listed on the B and BE list.

Fertilisers category C

Since 2021, some inorganic fertilisers (if these do not fall under category A or B) can be classified in category C. These fertilisers may not be processed in RHP substrates, but may be present in packaging at the production location and be applied. There is no obligation for analysis and registration of the cleaning action. However, a list of these C-products must be available at the production location where they are applied.

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