Physical analysis of substrates at Eurofins Agro will be adjusted

16 december 2019

In consultation with RHP, from 1 January 2020 Eurofins Agro will slightly adjust the physical research it carries out for the RHP quality mark. In this way the method is the same for all RHP laboratories. The results are therefore more comparable with each other. 

For a few years now Eurofins Agro has, in consultation with RHP, applied a shortened saturation period for physical research to shorten the duration of this method. It has recently been found that the saturation of certain substrates can then be insufficient. The actual air contents in the substrates are sometimes lower than the measured values.

Higher air contents

For RHP certified companies, this means that the specified air contents of substrates in the higher segment sometimes need to be slightly adjusted in the research results. For airy substrates (air content 20% and higher), the adjustment can result in a reduction of the reported air content up to 5%. However this is not the same for all substrates.


From the new year on, Eurofins Agro adjusts the saturation period for the physical substrate analysis. The method thus again meets the requirements as laid down in the RHP product certification scheme. The research duration of the modified working method is some days longer.

Physical analysis

RHP has developed analytical methods and also uses existing methods to check the quality of substrates for the RHP quality mark. The physical analysis is such a method. It is used to assess the physical suitability of substrates. Parameters like water and air content and stability of the substrate are concerned. The method is carried out by RHP acknowledged laboratories.

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