Periodic audits and product checks temporarily remotely

6 april 2020

Government action in response to the coronavirus prevents auditors from certification bodies from making all planned visits. Periodic audits and product checks for RHP that cannot take place physically are therefore carried out remotely if possible. In this way checks of certified companies for the RHP quality mark are continued as much and as well as possible in this situation. How does it work?

Periodic audits and product checks for location types 1, 2 and 3 

Periodic audits and product checks for RHP on location types 1, 2 and 3 can be performed remotely if the sites cannot be visited.

Auditor will contact you first

For a remote audit or check, the auditor first contacts the person responsible for the audits at the certified company, usually a quality manager, by email or telephone. This message or conversation is about the approach and what information the auditor wants to receive from the quality manager.

Collect requested data

To allow the auditor to audit remotely, all requested data must be collected and sent by the certified company. This includes (quality) registrations, pictures from the workplace, recent reports of internal audits, visit reports, location assessments, etc. In addition, the auditor will use the data from Minerva and reports of previously performed external audits.

Video call is also possible

If the certified company is able to, it is also possible to make video calls. Then a round about the company can be made and important points of interest shown live to the auditor. During a video call, for example in Microsoft Teams or Skype, a recording can be made of the images. This gives the auditor the opportunity to review the images previously shown live. A video call can also be used to discuss the auditor's findings after the audit.

Thanks for your cooperation

This approach requires additional improvisational skills from both the certified company and the auditor. RHP trusts that the adapted working method is feasible on a temporary basis and thanks the employees of the certified companies in advance for their cooperation.

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