Packer’s code on RHP product under private label

8 november 2022

When selling and delivering packaged RHP products, the RHP quality mark should be stated on the packaging. In addition to mentioning the RHP quality mark, also the certificate holder must be clearly stated on the packaging. If the certificate holder doesn’t sell packaged products under the own name but under ‘private label’, he has the option to put the so-called ‘packer’s code’ on the packaging instead of the name.

Packer’s codes are issued by RHP to certificate holders and can be requested for this purpose. When using the packer’s code, the name of the RHP producer can’t be tracked down by third parties.


The certificate holder is responsible for purchasing and controlling the relevant packaging, as stated in module 270 of the RHP product certification scheme. A purchaser is not allowed to have empty packaging material with the RHP quality mark. The use of the RHP quality mark on packaging material or delivery documents can be part of the audit.

Strict quality mark standards

Certified companies must meet strict quality mark requirements in the extraction and production of RHP-certified raw materials and growing media. The origin of raw materials with RHP quality mark can always be traced. In case of doubt in practice about the authenticity of a packer's code, please contact RHP.

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