Nele Ameloot new member of Supervisory Board RHP

27 februarY 2018

Starting this year, Nele Ameloot has been accepted into the Supervisory Board of RHP. She works as business development manager at the Horticulture division of Greenyard.

Ameloot takes the place of Arjen van der Meer of BVB Substrates. Van de Meer has in the meantime said goodbye to his role in the Supervisory Board. RHP is very thankful to Van der Meer for his active contribution during his two terms of four years.

“RHP plays an important role in maintaining the quality of substrates and with that raises the whole horticulture sector to a higher level”, says Nele Ameloot. “Therefore I am very excited to help shaping RHP’s policy in the Supervisory Board.”

The Supervisory Board is an internal controlling authority of the foundation RHP. Chairman is Arnold Hordijk. The other members of the Supervisory Board are: Thanja van Dongen (Fred van Dongen B.V.), Martin Uittenbroek (Vreugdenhil Young Plants) and Henri van Beerendonk (Jiffy Products International BV).

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