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30 may 2017

Organic fertilizers and the stacking of raw materials. Those are the two main subjects on the programme of RHP’s collective research for the next period.

Organic fertilizers

How do organic fertilizer behave in substrate mixtures? This research will give insight in the matter. The focus is on the dynamics of nitrogen and its interaction with the substrate. In the first - up until now executed - part of the research it became clear that the pH can change more strongly in substrates with a small pH buffer. In this the pH can increase to very high levels. At a high pH ammonia can develop. Is this harmful for the plants? That is currently researched further. To prevent appearance of ammonia, it is important that during the mineralisation of the nitrogen, nitrification also starts. That’s why the research will also try to find out under which circumstances the nitrification can proceed optimally.

Stacking of raw materials

The research focuses on the following questions:

  • What risks develop when stacking raw materials?
  • Can the risk of stacking raw materials with a quantity limit be estimated?
  • Can the risks be distinguished through analysis?
  • Can the risks be eliminated by changing the recipe of the mixture?
  • In how far can N-fixation really be compensated?

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