Lots of attention for RHP webinar ‘Facts & fables of potting soil and substrate’

3 june 2022

On May 31st, there was a lot of enthusiasm from the entire chain for RHP’s webinar ‘Facts & fables of potting soil and substrate’. More than 150 growers and other interested parties had registered. As the knowledge centre for substrates, RHP is the right organisation to share knowledge about the (im)possibilities of working with new and renewable materials.

RHP organised the webinar to support the affiliated, certified companies in spreading the right message. RHP-certified companies are increasingly receiving questions from growers, sellers and traders about the use of peat and alternatives. Like no other, RHP knows how complex this transition is and also what nuances can be made.

Complex world

Online participants were taken into the complex world of potting soil and substrates. With 8 statements about the use of peat, various fables that exist about peat were eradicated. Participants were informed about the legislation on peat, challenges the sector is facing and the phase-out of peat and increasing use of new growing media.

Topic is alive

As the knowledge centre for substrates, RHP is the designated organisation to inform the chain partners of its affiliated, certified companies about this topic. Because the fact is that peat is under a magnifying glass, both in politics and in retail. That this topic is alive is proven by the large number of registrations for the webinar. RHP is also considering organising an international (English) version on the subject, which is very topical.

Objective information

RHP director Raymond Hedges: “I am pleased with the attention for our webinar. It indicates that the sector is waiting for objective information about the use of peat and that this cannot easily be organised, despite demands from the retailer. We have tried to explain that the sector is in full swing and that there are sector objectives for reducing the use of peat. In our opinion, we succeeded.”

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