July 1st publication update of RHP product certification scheme

31 may 2021

Every year RHP updates the standards of the RHP quality mark for substrates, partly based on developments in the sector. Therefore, changes to the content of the RHP product certification scheme are introduced on a yearly basis.

Normally, the update of the RHP product certification scheme is published on February 1st. Certified companies then have three months to prepare for the adjustments. This year, for various reasons, the release of the update is scheduled for July 1st. Three months after this publication date, on October 1st, certified companies must comply with the new standards.

Most of the adjustments were already discussed in the relevant Product Groups in 2020 and in the spring of 2021. These will therefore come as no surprise for certified companies. The list of resolutions of the Central Board of Experts (CCvD) of 2020 can be found at My RHP under ‘Documents for RHP certification’. In mid-June there will also be a list available there of the decisions that will be taken in the coming meeting of the CCvD and which will also be part of the update. An important change in the RHP product certification scheme concerns the replacement of a number of analysis methods. Read more about this in the news item: RHP introduces new methods.

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