Is your transport properly checked?

3 june 2022

In order to maintain the RHP quality mark, products must be transported in such a way that contamination is prevented by residues from previous cargo(s). Module 260 describes all possible risks and the transport requirements for RHP-certified products. As a certified company, make sure that the transport company that transports your products – also a charter! – always has the latest version with the current standards, to guarantee the quality of your RHP product.

Since the modules of the RHP product certification scheme are updated annually, it is important that you as a certified company always share the latest transport module with the transport companies and any charters with which you work. This applies to trucks, ships and silo cars. As a certified company, you are responsible for informing the RHP standards in a timely manner to the carriers with whom you work. This way, your carrier is always up-to-date and knows which steps to take for loading a product with RHP quality mark.

Demonstrably clean cargo space

For example, a specific cleaning action may be required for a clean cargo area. It matters what the previous load was and what risks of contamination or mixing it entails for the RHP-certified product that then enters the cargo area. Registration must also take place as proof that all transport standards have been complied with. As a certified company, you ensure that it is always demonstrable how the inspection of the means of transport and the responsibility is arranged.

Spot checks when outsourcing

If inspection and/or registration is outsourced to another party, this must be clearly arranged. By outsourcing transport inspection from one carrier to another, things often go wrong. The result is that transport inspection no longer takes place, or not sufficiently. As a certified company, regularly check whether your transport partners comply with the agreements, for example by doing some spot checks (also on the work floor).

Module Transport at My RHP

The latest module 260 on transport (issue date 1 February 2022) can be downloaded at My RHP. Adjusted text parts in the module are highlighted in red. My RHP lists all current modules of the RHP product certification scheme.

No personal account for My RHP yet? As an employee of an RHP-certified company, you can easily create one yourself at

A contaminated cargo area of a truck.

Culture damage with rapeseed because of an uncleaned truck.

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