How to handle products that are no longer RHP-certified?

29 january 2021

Sometimes it occurs that a company that produces RHP-certified products, stops doing this or unfortunately has to stop. The first applies to the company Culterra and its organic fertilisers. As an RHP-certified company, how to handle the products of Culterra that are still in stock?

For RHP-certified companies

  • If you still have organic fertilisers of Culterra in stock, the following applies: the products that have been delivered with the RHP quality mark up to 31 December 2020, can still be applied.
  • If you mix these organic fertilisers into your RHP-certified substrates, these will still have the status of an A-product and you can deliver these with the RHP quality mark.
  • For deliveries from Culterra from 1 January 2021 applies that these products are no longer RHP-certified. These products are C-category, for which additional requirements apply (see module 300 or 310). In this case the substrate producer is responsible. When C-products are used in a substrate, the RHP quality mark expires.

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