‘Growing media? Potting soil? Isn't that dusty and boring?’

7 july 2023

‘Growing media? Potting soil? Isn't that dusty and boring?’ Wonderful, those enthusiastic reactions when you tell people around you that you are going to start a new challenge. It has now been five months since I entered this beautiful sector. And boring and dusty? No, it certainly wasn't!

The past few months have been all about getting to know each other: the organisation RHP, the companies in the sector, the developments that are going on and the enormous challenges that the sector faces around the transition to the increasing use of renewable and circular raw materials.

Many thanks to all the companies where I have been received so warmly in recent months and where often the time has been taken for extensive introductions and tours. To not only hear but also to see what is going on in the sector, makes an important contribution to the development of the vision of how RHP can continue to properly support its certified companies and the sector in the future. Because we can no longer ignore the fact that, in addition to quality and safety, the impact on the environment and health as well as the responsible production of substrate raw materials and growing media are becoming increasingly important.

Now I tell the people around me that the growing media sector is in full swing and full of passion to do a little better every day. So the sector definitely has a new ambassador. I look forward to the further cooperation with the RHP-certified companies and all other organisations in the sector that we at RHP have contact with directly or indirectly to jointly and successfully meet the challenges that lie ahead!

For now I wish everyone a very nice summer (holiday)!

Martine Holtkamp
Managing Director RHP

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