Groundwork laid during RHP meeting safety, sustainability and quality

29 november 2019

RHP organized a meeting for 70 certified companies on 21 November. The developments in the field of safety, sustainability and quality in the substrate sector were central. A short summary…

During the morning, the visitors were first extensively made acquainted with the location of the meeting: Koppert Cress in Monster (The Netherlands). Under the leadership of Jens Baan, the participants tasted their different cresses and specialties. Subsequently the attendees were given a tour at the company: the test greenhouse, the production and the washing department. Naturally this group was interested in the substrate that is applied.

Safety, sustainability and quality

Then the program continued with the themes safety, sustainability and quality in the substrate sector, with presentations of RHP director Hein Boon and two guest speakers with practical examples from the further chain.

Tuinbranche Nederland (garden sector)

Toon Wurfbain, Project Manager Sustainability at Tuinbranche Nederland, explained three of their sustainability dossiers: residue in floricultural products, private use of plant protection products and IMVO covenants. He explained for every file how it came about, the response from the garden sector and further ambitions for the future. He concluded that the requirements for substrates could also change, as is already the case in England.

Toon Wurfbain Tuinbranche Nederland

Paving the way

With this meeting the groundwork was laid for the coming years. “The RHP quality mark is about quality. It is now up to us as substrate sector to work together on sustainability and safety, so that we are well and timely prepared for requirements from the further chain. This will really come our way in the coming years, so let's take the lead together and have an answer ready on time as a sector, ” said Hein Boon, director of RHP, concluding the meeting.

RHP Hein Boon bijeenkomst duurzaamheid veiligheid kwaliteit koppert cress


Were you unable to attend this meeting or would you like to download the handouts of the presentations? RHP-certified companies can do this via My RHP under RHP presentations.

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