German workshop “What is in the pores; water or air?”

29 junE 2017

Especially for all the German speaking employees of certified companies, RHP is organising a free workshop “What is in the pores; water or air?” in German on 20 September in Dortmund. Interested? Sign up on time!

This workshop is given in German.
The programme is as follows:

Wednesday 20 September 2017
Location: Knauf Trainee Center (address: Flugplatz 21, 44319 Dortmund, GERMANY).
10.30 AM reception with coffee and tea
11.00 AM start workshop
01.00 PM lunch
02.00 PM part 2 of the workshop
04.00 PM end

Content workshop 

Water and oxygen are essential for the plant and its roots, but when are both optimally present? How do their levels come along in the root environment? By combining analyses and measurements - that you can do yourself - in the culture, it becomes clear how this works and how you can optimize this yourself.

In the workshop “What is there in the pores; water or air?” that RHP organises, the latest results of the collective research will be presented and cross connections with existing knowledge of water and air will be talked about. After this workshop you will be fully up to date again when it comes to water content, water uptake and air.

During the workshop the following questions will be answered:

  • What processes concerning water occur in the root environment?
  • What measurements and analyses make these processes insightful?
  • How can these processes be influenced?
  • Which analyses make the relationship between the quality of the substrate and the culture measurable?
  • What are the effects of several irrigation strategies and irrigation systems?
  • How can measuring occur optimally with water content sensors?

Signing up

Would you, as a German speaking worker of one of the RHP certified companies, like to participate in this free workshop? You are welcome! Please sign up before 6 September through: Do you have any questions? Please contact the secretariat of RHP through tel. +31 174 - 62 03 60.

Yes, I want to participate in this free workshop!  

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