Factsheet on pesticides in potting soil and growing media

6 oCtober 2023

In our role as the knowledge centre for substrates, RHP publishes a series of factsheets on specific topics related to potting soil and growing media. Following the first factsheet on human pathogens, a factsheet on pesticides is now available. Over time, more factsheets will be published on our website.

The factsheet on pesticides can be found under the button Factsheets at the homepage or via the RHP knowledge base. The factsheet is intended to inform certified companies and their customers and relations about pesticides in general, about residue in potting soil and growing media, about guidelines to be developed for the RHP quality mark in this area and advice for the user.

About once a quarter, a new factsheet will be added. Topics that are planned next are, for example: saprotrophic fungi, heavy metals, PFAS and microplastics.

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