Dutch webinar April 14th about RAG quality mark and requirements tree substrates

8 april 2022

April 14th 11:00-12:00 CET, Rob Scholman, technical advisor at RHP, will talk about the RAG quality mark and quality requirements during a webinar about the quality of Landscaping substrates, organised by the Royal Association ‘Stadswerk’ in the Netherlands. You can register here for this free webinar (in Dutch).

Which quality requirements do you include in your specification text for tree substrate? Municipalities naturally want to make the right choices when tendering green projects, but there are many pitfalls. No or outdated methods, conflicting specifications, wrong units of measurement or an unnecessary long list of specifications. How do you avoid these pitfalls? Keep it simple! Rob Scholman, technical advisor at RHP, the knowledge centre for substrates, is happy to explain it to you based on the RAG quality mark, which offers standardisation in the quality requirements in specifications. Jan Vrij, director of AH Vrij Groen, Grond en Infra, joins this webinar to address this topic from his practice as a producer of RAG-certified substrates.

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