Determine weeds with the Weed Hunter

30 may 2017

At the start of this year RHP introduced the Weed Hunter. The online tool for desktop, tablet and smartphone that will help you to determine weeds. Go to and start using the Weed Hunter today!

The Weed Hunter is the digital successor of the book ‘RHP Peat Bog Flora’. The online tool offers new possibilities compared to the old book. With the Weed Hunter you can easily:

  • Determine weeds step-by-step.
  • Search weeds by photo or by name, in 11 languages!
  • Harmfulness and removal advice of the weeds at the peat bog or greenhouse/nursery at a single glance.
  • Look at extensive information and several photos for every weed.

Weeds, what now?

The presence of harmful weeds in substrates is absolutely unwanted. They can transfer diseases to the crop. Harmful weeds in the peat bog need to be eliminated at an early stage. So when you identify an unknown plant in the peat bog with the help of the Weed Hunter, you know immediately whether you need to remove the weed and how.

More weeds?

The Weed Hunter will be updated over time with new weeds. Because of globalisation, it happens more often that unknown species of weeds are found. Did you encounter a weed that is not yet in the Weed Hunter? Please contact us. We will determine the weed and add it to the Weed Hunter if necessary.

Start using the Weed Hunter today!

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