Course program 2016-2017

31 october 2016

Next winter season 2016-2017 RHP will focus mainly on the in-company courses for RHP-certified companies. What does our course programme look like?

We offer the following in-company courses this course season:

· Basic course Potting soil and Substrates
(or separate parts of it)
· Course Growing Media A (or separate parts of it)
· Course Growing Media B (or separate parts of it)
· Workshop pH
· Workshop ‘What is in the pores; water or air?’

The course Plant physiology and Substrates will be available again in the course of 2017; it is currently being reviewed.

In need of knowledge?

Do you need other knowledge? In mutual consultation we could also organise an in-company course or workshop about a different subject. If you have an individual knowledge question, we would gladly hear that too.


At an in-company training, various employees of the same RHP certified company attend a course simultaneously, at the company itself or after consultation at a different location. We organise in-company courses at your request. RHP will fix a date, location, content and costs of the course after consultation with you. This is also possible for small groups.

More news? 

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