Changes in the organisation at RHP

6 may 2019

After the summer, changes in the organisation will be implemented at RHP. Director Hein Boon will focus primarily on external activities. Marco Zevenhoven will become the deputy director in charge of Research and Advice.

After the summer Hein Boon, director at RHP, will mainly spend his time on external activities, including the connection between the substrate sector, the subsequent chain and other stakeholders. “RHP believes it is important that the substrate sector actively communicates about the necessity of substrates for horticulture in particular, but also for applications like public green spaces and the hobby market. As a substrate sector, we will have to tell the story about the quality and availability of raw materials, sustainability, legislation, food safety, phytosanitary aspects and more. We believe that RHP can make a meaningful contribution in providing information and communication. We like to do this together with other organisations, including VPN and Growing Media Europe.”

To ensure continuity in the daily management of Research and Advice within RHP, Marco Zevenhoven takes over this task from Hein. As deputy director, Marco will also further structure the planning and implementation of projects. To keep the capacity of Advice up to standard, RHP will recruit a new technical advisor.

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