Changes in Central College of Experts

22 august 2019

The Central College of Experts of RHP meets twice a year at the RHP office. It decides on the changes and innovations in the RHP product certification scheme. This year there are some changes in the college.


During the last meeting on June 28th the following people stepped down:

  • Chairman Olaf van Kooten, emeritus professor at Wageningen University (WUR) and lecturer at ‘Hogeschool InHolland’ in Delft.
  • Member Marc van Gennip (Plantum).
CCvD RHP Hein Boon Olaf van Kooten Marc van Gennip

RHP director Hein Boon thanks Olaf van Kooten (left) and Marc van Gennip (right)
for their contribution and involvement in the past 8 years.

New in Central College of Experts

New people are also welcomed to the Central College of Experts. The new chairman is George Franke on behalf of the Association of Flower Auctions in the Netherlands (VBN). New members are: Rens Jacobs (Bolpeat) for renewable raw materials including wood fibre, Jaco Dijkshoorn (Kekkilä-BVB) for peat and Bart Kraan (Jiffy) on behalf of the Dutch association for potting soil and substrate manufacturers (VPN) for substrate producers. During the course of this year a few more new members may be added to the Central College of Experts.

Role of Central College of Experts

The Central College of Experts is an independent and transparent RHP platform in which producers and users of growing media and raw materials decide on new standards and the supervision of the quality marks. The next meeting of the college is scheduled for November 29th.

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