Bernard Koeckhoven new chairman supervisory board

16 december 2019

From 1 January 2020 Bernard Koeckhoven is the new chairman of the Supervisory Board of RHP.

Bernard Koeckhoven studied at the Wageningen University. As general secretary of the Katholieke Nederlandse Boeren- en Tuindersbond (Catholic Dutch Farmers 'and Gardeners' Association), he was in 1995 at the cradle of the foundation of LTO-The Netherlands, of which he became the first director. From 1998 to 2018 he worked at Achmea as senior agro manager and director of NV Hagelunie and remained actively involved in the agricultural sector and jointly searching for solutions and innovations for agricultural risk and continuity issues.

Thanks to Arnold Hordijk

Koeckhoven takes over from Arnold Hordijk. He said goodbye to his chairmanship after two terms. RHP is very grateful to Hordijk for his contribution in the past 8 years.

RHP thanks chairman Supervisory Board Arnold Hordijk
RHP thanks member Supervisory Board Thanja van Dongen

Also change of members

Thanja van Dongen (peat producer Fred van Dongen B.V.) leaves the Supervisory Board as a member, after having completed two four-year terms. Her place will be taken over by Jaco Dijkshoorn (BVB Substrates BV) in the new year. In addition to the new chairman Bernard Koeckhoven, the Supervisory Board of RHP per 2020 consists of the following members: Jaco Dijkshoorn (BVB Substrates BV), Martin Uittenbroek (Vreugdenhil Young Plants), Henri van Beerendonk (Jiffy Products International BV) and Nele Ameloot (Agaris).

Role of Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of people who feel involved with substrate. They represent different fields in the substrate sector and horticultural chain. At RHP, the Supervisory Board supervises, among other things, policy and implementation.

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