Adding base fertilisers to substrates is essential

1 september 2023

Adding potting soil base fertilisers to substrates is often necessary to provide crops with essential trace elements. Especially the deficiency of copper and molybdenum can otherwise cause problems in the culture. Why and what are the recommendations from RHP?

In order to get enough of it into the root environment, it is very important that copper and molybdenum are added to the substrate before the culture. This is especially important for substrates with a large organic complex, such as peat substrates. Copper and molybdenum are trace elements that are otherwise directly bound to the complex of the substrate during irrigation of the culture, which is the first to have contact with the nutrient solution. This creates a deficiency, with negative consequences for the culture. The trace elements can’t reach the plant roots. To prevent this, RHP recommends for most cases adding at least 0.5 kg/m3 of base fertiliser to the substrate.

More information in Knowledge base

In the Knowledge base more information can be found about nutritional elements as well as specifically about copper and molybdenum.

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