30 october: (online) technical meeting RHP   

31 august 2020

Friday afternoon October 30th, RHP organises a technical meeting for certified companies. Main theme: the interim research results of its multiannual, complex research in combining multiple components into one substrate in a conscious way. The meeting will take place in Naaldwijk (The Netherlands) and it is possible to participate online. Given the international character of this meeting, English will be the main language. 

The increasing demand for alternative raw materials is a challenging development for the sector. RHP shows its interim research results, which offer you tools when it comes to alternative raw materials and answers your questions.

About this research

The RHP research is aimed at gaining more clarity about how we can safely combine multiple raw materials, with a variation in properties. Especially considering the many possible combinations that also change variables, including the pH or available nutritional elements for the plant. The research provides insight into the basic properties of raw materials, including plant tolerance and stability. Specific analysis methods are under development. These provide a better insight into the effects that a raw material can have on pH buffering, nutritional status and nitrogen availability. This information is the basis for the correct use and combination of raw materials in a mixture. And it creates the desired balance and makes it clearer how a mixture should be handled in the culture.

Save the date!

Don't want to miss this meeting? Save the date: Friday October 30th. The invitation with registration option will soon be sent by e-mail to RHP-certified companies. Then you can indicate whether you want to participate in the meeting physically (World Horti Center, Naaldwijk) or online.

dynamiek stikstof lab RHP

In this cabinet we allow mixtures to incubate
for a long time and we monitor the fixation
and release of nitrogen.

extractproef grondstoffen RHP

Extract trials with raw materials on which you cannot sow.

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