1:5 versus 1:1.5

4 march 2022

The 1:5 volume extraction (EN 13040) is the European standard analysis method for measuring pH and EC for growing media. Although this analysis method is often preferred, the 1:1.5 volume extraction is also used in the Netherlands, among others. Also by growers, to measure the nutritional status in the culture. The analysis methods differ from each other. What are the differences?


A table with the differences between the analysis methods can be found at My RHP (see: Toolbox).

Conversion model

RHP has developed a conversion model with which the values can be converted from 1:5 to 1:1.5 and vice versa. These converted values are only an indication. These may therefore differ for an individual sample. The conversion model is based on mixtures with at least 75% peat. RHP-certified companies can download this conversion model at My RHP (see: Toolbox).

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